Eugene Bareman: MMA Coach Profile (Gym, Fighters, Methods)

Eugene Bareman, the mastermind behind City Kickboxing, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of MMA. With a background in various martial arts disciplines, Bareman's coaching methods have produced exceptional fighters like Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya.

His dedication to developing elite kickboxing skills and fostering strong relationships with his fighters has earned him recognition as one of the best MMA coaches in the world.

Get ready to delve into the world of Eugene Bareman and discover the secrets behind his coaching success.

Key Takeaways

  • Eugene Bareman is a highly experienced MMA coach and former fighter, with over two decades of coaching experience and seven years of professional fight experience.
  • He founded City Kickboxing in 2007 and has built it into one of the best MMA gyms in the world, offering classes in various disciplines such as MMA, kickboxing, muay Thai, and Bjj.
  • Eugene Bareman has trained and mentored notable fighters such as Alexander Volkanovski, Israel Adesanya, and Kai Kara-France, who have achieved great success in the UFC.
  • His coaching methods focus on developing elite kickboxing skills and creating unity, discipline, and dedication among his fighters. He also turned City Kickboxing into a dormitory and bubble for his fighters during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eugene Bareman's Background and Gym

Eugene Bareman, a former amateur kickboxer and professional MMA fighter, founded City Kickboxing in 2007, establishing one of the world's premier MMA gyms.

With a deep understanding of the fighting world from his own experience, Bareman brings a unique perspective to his coaching philosophy. Throughout his fighting career, he developed a passion for the sport and a desire to share his knowledge with others.

This led him to create City Kickboxing, a gym that focuses on developing well-rounded fighters with elite skills in various disciplines such as kickboxing, muay Thai, Bjj, and more.

Bareman's coaching philosophy emphasizes a long-term approach, building strong relationships with his fighters and acting as a mentor. His dedication to unity, discipline, and dedication has resulted in the success of his fighters, including notable names like Alexander Volkanovski, Israel Adesanya, and Kai Kara-France.

City Kickboxing has become a breeding ground for champions, solidifying its reputation as one of the best MMA gyms in the world.

Coaches at City Kickboxing

City Kickboxing, under the leadership of Eugene Bareman, has assembled a team of highly skilled coaches who contribute to the success of the gym's fighters. These coaches bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in various disciplines to City Kickboxing, allowing them to develop comprehensive training programs that cater to the needs of each individual fighter. The coaching techniques and strategies employed by the City Kickboxing coaches are known for their effectiveness and have helped produce champions such as Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski. Their impact on the MMA community is undeniable, as they have gained a reputation for producing top-level fighters who consistently perform at the highest level. The table below highlights some of the key coaches at City Kickboxing and their respective areas of expertise:

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Coach Discipline Expertise
Doug Viney Kickboxing and Boxing Striking
Andrei Paulet Wrestling Takedowns
Tristram Apikitoa Striking Footwork

The City Kickboxing coaches work together seamlessly, utilizing their collective knowledge to create well-rounded fighters who excel in all aspects of MMA. Their dedication and commitment to their craft have had a significant impact on the success of the gym and its fighters, solidifying City Kickboxing's position as one of the premier MMA gyms in the world.

Eugene Bareman's Fighters

There are several notable fighters under Eugene Bareman's coaching, including world champions and UFC contenders. His fighters have achieved great success in the UFC, with some even becoming champions.

One of the most prominent success stories is Alexander Volkanovski, who's risen to become the number one pound-for-pound UFC fighter. Despite a close loss, Volkanovski has remained at the top of the division, showcasing the impact of Bareman's coaching on his career.

Another standout fighter is Israel Adesanya, who's become a UFC middleweight champion under Bareman's guidance. Adesanya's striking skills and technique have been honed by Bareman, leading to his success in the octagon.

Kai Kara-France is another UFC fighter who's flourished under Bareman's coaching. With a strong emphasis on striking and discipline, Bareman has played a pivotal role in the careers of his fighters, helping them reach the pinnacle of the sport.

Eugene Bareman's Coaching & Training Methods

One of the key aspects of Eugene Bareman's coaching and training methods is his emphasis on developing elite kickboxing skills in his fighters, allowing them to excel in stand-up fights. Bareman's coaching methods have had a significant impact on his fighters' success in the MMA world. Here are five important elements of his training approach:

  • Long-term mentorship: Bareman develops long-term relationships with his fighters, acting as a mentor and guiding them throughout their careers. This close connection fosters trust and allows for personalized training.
  • Unity and discipline: Bareman places great importance on creating a unified and disciplined team at City Kickboxing. This team atmosphere helps his fighters push each other to new levels of performance and instills a strong work ethic.
  • Technique and strategy: Bareman's coaching focuses on honing technical skills and developing effective strategies for each fighter's individual style. He pays attention to detail and ensures that his fighters have a well-rounded skill set.
  • Physical conditioning: Bareman emphasizes the importance of physical conditioning to ensure his fighters are in peak shape for their fights. He implements rigorous strength and conditioning programs tailored to each fighter's needs.
  • Adaptability and innovation: Bareman is known for his ability to adapt and innovate in his coaching methods. He stays up to date with the latest training techniques and continually evolves his approach to keep his fighters ahead of the competition.
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Eugene Bareman's Coaching Success

Eugene Bareman's coaching success is evident in the achievements of his fighters, who've reached the pinnacle of the MMA world. Under Bareman's guidance, fighters like Israel Adesanya, Alexander Volkanovski, and Kai Kara-France have achieved remarkable success in the UFC. Bareman's coaching has led to his fighters winning championships and being recognized as some of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the sport.

The success of his fighters is a testament to Bareman's ability to develop talent and nurture their skills. Looking to the future, Bareman's coaching goals likely include continuing to produce top-level fighters and helping them reach their full potential. With his proven track record of fighter development, there's no doubt that Eugene Bareman will continue to make a significant impact in the world of MMA coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Has Eugene Bareman's Coaching Style Evolved Over the Years?

Eugene Bareman's coaching style has evolved over the years, adapting to the needs of his fighters. His training philosophy emphasizes elite kickboxing skills and mentorship, creating unity and dedication within his team at City Kickboxing.

What Sets City Kickboxing Apart From Other MMA Gyms?

City Kickboxing sets itself apart from other MMA gyms with its world-class facilities and innovative training techniques. The gym offers state-of-the-art equipment and a comprehensive range of classes, including MMA, kickboxing, muay Thai, Bjj, and more.

How Does Eugene Bareman Select and Recruit Fighters for His Team?

Eugene Bareman carefully selects and recruits fighters for his team at City Kickboxing. He follows a rigorous fighter recruitment process, evaluating criteria such as skillset, work ethic, discipline, and potential for growth.

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What Strategies Does Eugene Bareman Use to Prepare His Fighters Mentally for Their Matches?

Eugene Bareman uses various mental preparation techniques and psychological training methods to prepare his fighters for their matches. He focuses on developing their mental toughness, visualization skills, and ensuring they have a strong mindset to perform at their best.

How Does Eugene Bareman Balance His Coaching Responsibilities With His Own Training and Fighting Career?

Eugene Bareman manages his time between coaching and his own career by prioritizing his fighters' needs. He trains alongside them, integrating his own training regimen with their sessions. This allows him to stay sharp while still providing guidance and support to his team.


In conclusion, Eugene Bareman's journey from a former fighter to a world-renowned MMA coach has been nothing short of remarkable.

Through his dedication, expertise, and ability to foster unity within his gym, City Kickboxing, Bareman has produced exceptional fighters who've found tremendous success in the world of mixed martial arts.

His coaching methods, focused on developing elite kickboxing skills and building long-term relationships with his fighters, have solidified his reputation as one of the best MMA coaches in the world.

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