Our Story
MMAunit was born out of a sheer passion for the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Founded by Mike Williams, an MMA enthusiast and amateur fighter, this platform serves as a junction where fervor for the sport meets genuine firsthand experience.

Our Mission
At MMAunit, our goal is to bring you a blend of insightful analyses, detailed fight breakdowns, and personal narratives from Mike’s own journey in the cage. We believe in the power of authentic storytelling, and through this website, we aim to connect deeply with fellow MMA aficionados and newcomers alike.

Why MMAunit?
There’s no shortage of sports blogs on the internet. However, MMAunit stands out because of its unique perspective. While many websites give you the statistics and the play-by-plays, we delve deeper. We strive to capture the spirit, the strategy, and the heart-pounding excitement that defines MMA. By intertwining the world of professional MMA with the experiences of an amateur fighter, we offer a comprehensive look into the sport that few others can match.

Meet Mike Williams

mike williams headshot

Mike isn’t just another fan of MMA; he lives it. As an amateur fighter, he’s felt the adrenaline of the cage, the sting of a well-placed punch, and the ecstasy of victory. These experiences infuse his writings with authenticity and depth. When he’s not training or fighting, Mike is researching, analyzing, and sharing his love for MMA with the community.

Join the MMAunit Community
We’re more than just a website; we’re a community. Whether you’re here to learn, discuss, or simply immerse yourself in the world of MMA, you’ve found your home. Engage with our content, share your thoughts, and be a part of the MMAunit family.