Who Are the Current Bellator Sponsors in 2024? (Biggest Deals)

In the dynamic realm of sports sponsorship, the partnerships that drive the success of organizations like Bellator in 2024 are of paramount importance.

Among the notable sponsors, Monster Energy stands out as a steadfast supporter, their presence at Bellator events bolstering the brand and fighters.

DAZN's previous multi-million dollar agreement propelled Bellator's revenue and reach, while William Hill's exclusive gambling partnership and Pluto TV's collaboration have played crucial roles in the promotion's endeavors.

Notably, BBC's recent extension solidifies them as the exclusive broadcaster of Bellator events in the UK, aligning with the promotion's strategic goals in dominating MMA in Europe.

Key Takeaways

  • Monster Energy is a prominent sponsor of Bellator and is likely to have extended their sponsorship until 2024/2025. They have a strong presence at Bellator events and sponsor many Bellator fighters.
  • DAZN had a 5-year deal with Bellator worth at least $100 million, but their partnership ended in 2020 due to Covid complications. DAZN helped Bellator grow its revenue and audience.
  • William Hill is Bellator's exclusive gambling partner and has been present at Bellator events since February 2020. The length and financial details of their partnership are undisclosed, but it is likely to be at least 4 years.
  • Pluto TV became a Bellator sponsor in August 2020 and has its own exclusive channel for Bellator on its free online streaming service. Pluto TV has 80 million active users as of January 2024.

Monster Energy's Sponsorship History

Monster Energy has a long-standing sponsorship history with Bellator, making them one of the prominent sponsors in the organization. Their sponsorship has had a significant impact on Bellator fighters' branding and promotion. With Monster Energy's support, fighters have been able to enhance their personal brands and gain exposure to a wider audience. The partnership has allowed for increased visibility through Monster Energy's extensive marketing campaigns and branding at Bellator events.

Additionally, the significance of DAZN's partnership in the growth of Bellator's revenue and audience cannot be overlooked. DAZN's 5-year deal with Bellator, worth at least $100 million, has provided a platform for the organization to showcase its events to a global audience. By broadcasting 15 Bellator events per year, DAZN has helped Bellator reach new fans and increase its revenue streams.

DAZN's Impact on Bellator

Continuing from the previous subtopic, the impact of DAZN on Bellator has been instrumental in the organization's growth and success.

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DAZN, the global sports streaming platform, signed a 5-year deal with Bellator in 2018 worth at least $100 million. This partnership allowed DAZN to broadcast 15 Bellator events per year, expanding the reach and visibility of the organization. The collaboration between DAZN and Bellator helped generate significant revenue and attract a larger audience to the sport of MMA.

In addition to its financial impact, DAZN's innovative streaming technology provided fans with high-quality, convenient access to Bellator events.

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William Hill as Bellator's Exclusive Gambling Partner

Moreover, as we delve into the current subtopic of 'William Hill as Bellator's Exclusive Gambling Partner,' it is important to highlight the significance of this partnership in further bolstering the organization's revenue streams and expanding its reach within the sports betting industry.

William Hill, a renowned gambling company, became Bellator's exclusive gambling partner in February 2020. Although the length and financial details of the partnership remain undisclosed, William Hill's logo is prominently displayed on the Bellator fight canvas, indicating a strong presence at Bellator events in 2024.

This partnership is expected to have a substantial impact on Bellator's revenue growth, as it allows the organization to tap into the lucrative world of sports betting. Additionally, it is a testament to the increasing prevalence of gambling sponsorships in the MMA industry, suggesting a promising future for such partnerships.

Pluto TV's Role in Bellator's Streaming Strategy

Pluto TV plays a crucial role in Bellator's streaming strategy, consistently expanding its reach and audience through its exclusive channel on the platform. With Pluto TV's user base growth, Bellator has been able to tap into a wider audience and garner more attention for its events.

The benefits of Pluto TV for Bellator's streaming strategy are significant:

  • Increased visibility: Having its own dedicated channel on Pluto TV allows Bellator to reach millions of viewers who may not have been exposed to the promotion before.
  • Accessible and free: Pluto TV is a free streaming service, making Bellator events easily accessible to a large number of fans without any additional cost.
  • Broad audience reach: Pluto TV's 80 million active users provide Bellator with the opportunity to attract a diverse and global audience.
  • Enhanced brand exposure: By partnering with Pluto TV, Bellator gains additional brand exposure and strengthens its position in the MMA market.
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Pluto TV's role in Bellator's streaming strategy has been instrumental in expanding the promotion's reach and growing its fan base.

Bbc's Partnership With Bellator in Europe

BBC's partnership with Bellator in Europe has solidified the promotion's presence and broadcasting reach in the region. As the UK's exclusive broadcaster of Bellator events, the BBC has played a crucial role in expanding the promotion's fanbase and establishing its brand in Europe. This partnership has provided MMA enthusiasts with the opportunity to witness top-level Bellator fights and has helped Bellator cement its position as a dominant force in European MMA.

In addition to broadcasting the thrilling fights, the BBC has also contributed to the promotion's success by providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of the sport. This has further fueled the growing interest in MMA and Bellator specifically, attracting both casual viewers and dedicated fans. The partnership has been mutually beneficial, as Bellator has gained exposure and the BBC has expanded its sports programming to include one of the fastest-growing combat sports in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has Monster Energy Been a Sponsor of Bellator?

Monster Energy has been a sponsor of Bellator for an extended period of time, although the length of their sponsorship has not been specified. Their sponsorship has likely had a significant impact on Bellator's viewership, contributing to the promotion's growth and success.

How Did Dazn's Partnership With Bellator Come to an End?

The partnership between DAZN and Bellator came to an end due to complications caused by the Covid pandemic. The termination had an impact on the MMA industry, affecting revenue and audience growth for Bellator.

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What Is the Length of William Hill's Partnership With Bellator?

The length of William Hill's partnership with Bellator remains undisclosed, but their presence as Bellator's exclusive gambling partner has had a significant impact on the brand's image, enhancing its association with the world of sports and entertainment.

How Many Active Users Does Pluto TV Have as of January 2024?

Pluto TV has 80 million active users as of January 2024. What sets Pluto TV apart from other streaming platforms is its status as a free online streaming service, making it a popular choice among viewers.

What Is the Goal of Bellator's Partnership With BBC in Europe?

Bellator's partnership with BBC in Europe is aimed at expanding their reach and viewership. By teaming up with the UK's exclusive broadcaster of Bellator events, they hope to dominate the MMA market and attract a larger audience.


In conclusion, the current sponsors of Bellator in 2024 play a crucial role in the promotion's success and growth.

Monster Energy's long-standing partnership, DAZN's previous multi-million dollar agreement, William Hill's exclusive gambling partnership, Pluto TV's collaboration, and BBC's recent extension as the exclusive broadcaster in the UK all contribute significantly to Bellator's financial support and brand image.

One interesting statistic is that DAZN's previous partnership helped propel Bellator's revenue and reach, showcasing the impact of strategic sponsorships in the sports industry.

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