A Guide to the 10 Best Types of UFC Shows/Content (Ranked)

Unleash your understanding and appreciation of the captivating world of UFC with this comprehensive guide to the top 10 types of shows and content.

Delve into the exciting and diverse realm of Pay-Per-View events, Fight Night battles, and fighter showcases like Dana White's Contender Series.

Immerse yourself in the behind-the-scenes world of UFC with promotional content that offers in-depth looks into fighters' lives and training camps.

Join us as we rank and explore the most impactful and popular UFC shows and content, providing you with a true mastery of the UFC experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Live Events: The UFC offers two types of live events – PPV events and Fight Night events. PPV events feature top fighters and title fights, while Fight Night events showcase a mix of ranked fighters and up-and-coming talents. Both events provide highly anticipated fights and fast-paced action.
  • Fighter Showcases: Dana White's Contender Series and The Ultimate Fighter are two fighter showcase programs. DWCS gives up-and-coming fighters a chance to prove their worthiness for a UFC contract in one fight, while TUF is a reality TV series where fighters live and train together, competing in single-elimination bouts. Both programs offer the opportunity to see future stars before they make it big.
  • Promotional Content: UFC Countdown and UFC Embedded: Vlog Series are two types of promotional content. Countdown provides in-depth looks into fighters' training camps and personal lives, building anticipation for upcoming PPV events. Embedded is a vlog series that takes viewers behind the scenes of UFC events, offering a more personal look at the fighters' lives and preparations.
  • Press Conferences: Pre-fight and post-fight press conferences are important for building hype and providing insights into fighters' mindsets and performances. Pre-fight press conferences allow fighters to promote their fights and engage with fans, while post-fight press conferences give fighters the opportunity to reflect on their victories or losses and answer media questions.

PPV Events

PPV events showcase the pinnacle of the UFC, featuring high-stakes fights and top-ranked fighters in each weight class. These events are highly anticipated by fans and serve as a platform for fighters to prove their skills and make a name for themselves in the sport.

PPV events have witnessed numerous key moments in the history of the UFC, with unforgettable battles, stunning knockouts, and epic comebacks. These moments not only captivate audiences but also have a significant impact on fighter rankings. A victory in a PPV event can catapult a fighter's ranking, while a loss can lead to a drop in their position.

The outcome of these fights directly affects the rankings, creating a competitive environment where fighters strive to secure their place among the elite in their respective weight classes.

Fight Night Events

Fight Night events, held on Saturday nights, offer fans a regular dose of fast-paced action with a mix of ranked fighters and up-and-coming talents. These events provide an exciting platform for fighters to showcase their skills and make a name for themselves in the UFC.

One of the key aspects of Fight Night events is the analysis of matchups, where experts break down the strengths, weaknesses, and styles of each fighter. This analysis provides valuable insights for fans, helping them understand the dynamics of the fights and make informed predictions.

Additionally, Fight Night events have a significant impact on fighter rankings. Impressive performances can propel fighters up the rankings, while losses can have the opposite effect. As a result, these events play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of the UFC and determining the contenders in each weight class.

Dana White's Contender Series

Dana White's Contender Series is a highly influential platform for up-and-coming fighters to prove their worthiness and earn a coveted UFC contract. This show serves as a crucial stepping stone for aspiring fighters looking to make their mark in the UFC.

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The series has been successful in evaluating prospects and identifying future UFC stars. Many fighters who have impressed on the show have gone on to have successful careers in the UFC, showcasing the effectiveness of this platform in talent scouting.

Additionally, the smaller octagon at the UFC Apex has a significant impact on the fights in Dana White's Contender Series. The reduced space forces fighters to engage more aggressively, resulting in fast-paced and action-packed bouts that provide a thrilling viewing experience for fans.

The Ultimate Fighter

The Ultimate Fighter is a groundbreaking MMA reality TV series that immerses viewers in the lives and training of up-and-coming fighters. This show has had a significant impact on the sport, providing a platform for aspiring fighters to showcase their skills and gain recognition.

Not only does The Ultimate Fighter offer an inside look at the grueling training and preparation that fighters go through, but it also allows fans to witness their journey towards becoming UFC stars.

Many success stories have emerged from The Ultimate Fighter, with fighters like Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans, and Rose Namajunas launching their careers through the show. This series has proven to be a launchpad for future stars, making it a must-watch for MMA enthusiasts seeking to discover the next generation of UFC talent.

UFC Countdown

Continuing the exploration of UFC content, let's delve into the informative and anticipation-building series known as UFC Countdown. This behind-the-scenes show provides viewers with exclusive insights into fighter training and preparation leading up to their upcoming fights.

UFC Countdown takes fans on a journey into the training camps and personal lives of the fighters, offering a unique perspective on their physical and mental preparations. From intense workouts to strategic game plans, viewers get an in-depth look at the dedication and discipline required to compete at the highest level in the UFC.

UFC Embedded: Vlog Series

The UFC Embedded: Vlog Series provides viewers with an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the lives of UFC fighters during fight week. This vlog series, released during a PPV fight week, consists of 6 episodes that feature behind-the-scenes footage of the fighters as they prepare for their upcoming bouts.

The series captures the majority of fighters competing at the event and includes input from coaches and teammates, giving fans a unique perspective on the fighters' lives. The behind-the-scenes footage offers a more personal look at the UFC experience and showcases the dedication, training, and mindset of the fighters.

The UFC Embedded: Vlog Series has a significant impact on fighters' careers by giving them exposure and allowing fans to connect with them on a deeper level.

Pre-Fight Press Conferences

As a crucial element of promoting upcoming UFC events, pre-fight press conferences provide a platform for fighters and promoters to engage with the media, generate hype, and offer insights into the mindset and strategies of the athletes. These press conferences have a significant impact on fight promotion and fan engagement. They allow fighters to showcase their personalities, build excitement, and create anticipation for the upcoming fights. One of the key elements of pre-fight press conferences is the art of trash talking. Fighters use this opportunity to verbally spar with their opponents, exchanging witty and sometimes controversial remarks. This trash talking adds to the overall excitement and anticipation surrounding the fight, as fans eagerly wait to see if the fighters' words will be backed up in the Octagon. The combination of engaging with the media, generating hype, and the art of trash talking makes pre-fight press conferences an essential part of the UFC experience.

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Pre-Fight Press Conferences
Impact on Fight Promotion and Fan Engagement
The Art of Trash Talking and its Effect on Fight Anticipation
Platform for Fighters and Promoters to Engage with Media

Post-Fight Press Conferences

Moving on to the next aspect of the UFC experience, after the exhilarating fights come to an end, the post-fight press conferences serve as a crucial platform for Dana White, fighters, and the media to reflect on the performances, strategies, and future plans of the athletes.

Here are the key aspects of post-fight press conferences:

  1. Importance of post-fight analysis: These press conferences provide an opportunity for fighters to analyze their performances and discuss their strategies. It allows them to reflect on their victories or losses and provide insights into their mindset during the fight. The analysis helps fighters grow and improve their skills for future bouts.
  2. Media's role in post-fight press conferences: The media plays a crucial role in asking questions that delve deeper into the fights. They seek to understand the fighters' mindset, game plans, and future plans. Their questions provide valuable insights for fans and help in building storylines for future fights.
  3. Immediate reactions and insights: Post-fight press conferences provide immediate reactions from the fighters, allowing fans to get a sense of their emotions and thoughts after the fight. The insights shared by the fighters and Dana White, such as injuries or personal challenges faced, add depth to the understanding of the fight.
  4. Official announcements and future plans: Post-fight press conferences also serve as a platform for Dana White to make official announcements regarding future fights, title shots, or any changes in the UFC landscape. It keeps the fans informed and engaged with the sport.

UFC Ceremonial Weigh-ins

During the lead-up to a UFC event, one of the highly anticipated aspects is the UFC Ceremonial Weigh-ins, which take place a day before the fight. This event provides fans with a behind-the-scenes look at the fighters as they step on the scale to make weight for their bouts. It also includes intense face-offs between the fighters, creating a palpable sense of excitement and tension. The UFC Ceremonial Weigh-ins offer brief insights from the fighters about their preparation and mindset, giving fans a glimpse into the mental and physical state of the athletes before they step into the Octagon. This event allows fans to see the fighters up close and adds an extra layer of anticipation to the already thrilling build-up to fight night.

Behind the scenes insights Fighter face-offs
Gives fans a closer look at the fighters during fight week Creates excitement and tension
Provides brief insights from fighters about their preparation and mindset Adds anticipation to the lead-up to fight night

UFC On The Line (Fight Prediction Show)

Continuing the exploration of UFC shows and content, a notable addition to the lineup is the highly informative and engaging UFC On The Line (Fight Prediction Show). This show, hosted by Brendan Fitzgerald, features professional bettors Gianna Karalis and Nick Kalikas, who analyze upcoming fights and provide predictions on the outcomes.

Here are four discussion ideas related to UFC On The Line:

  1. Predicting outcomes: Viewers can analyze the success rate of fight predictions on UFC On The Line and compare them with the actual results to gain insights into the accuracy of the show's predictions.
  2. Betting strategies: UFC On The Line offers an opportunity to explore the betting strategies and tips provided by the experts. Fans can learn how to make informed betting decisions based on the analysis of fight stats, head-to-head matchups, and highlights discussed on the show.
  3. Fighter analysis: The show delves into the strengths, weaknesses, and fighting styles of the competing athletes, providing viewers with valuable insights into each matchup. This analysis can enhance fans' understanding of the fighters and their chances of success.
  4. Interactive experience: UFC On The Line allows viewers to engage with the show and test their prediction skills. They can compare their predictions with those of the experts and participate in discussions about the upcoming fights. This interactive experience adds an exciting element to the show and encourages fans to further immerse themselves in the world of UFC.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are the Fighters Selected for PPV Events and Fight Night Events?

The selection process for fighters in PPV events and Fight Night events is based on a set of criteria including rankings, performance, and marketability. The UFC strives to showcase the top fighters in each weight class and create exciting matchups for fans.

What Is the Purpose of Dana White's Contender Series and How Does It Differ From the Ultimate Fighter?

Dana White's Contender Series is a platform for up-and-coming fighters to showcase their skills and earn a UFC contract. It differs from The Ultimate Fighter in that it focuses on individual fights rather than a reality TV format.

How Are the Fighters Featured on UFC Countdown and UFC Embedded: Vlog Series Chosen?

The fighters featured on UFC Countdown and UFC Embedded: Vlog Series are selected through a meticulous fighter selection process. These shows offer behind-the-scenes footage, providing an exclusive and intimate look into the fighters' lives and preparations for their upcoming fights.

What Is the Significance of the Face-Offs During UFC Ceremonial Weigh-Ins?

Face-offs during UFC ceremonial weigh-ins hold significant psychological impact. They build excitement and tension, allowing fighters to assert dominance and intimidate opponents. Fans get an up-close look, adding to the anticipation and creating a memorable experience.

How Do the Experts on UFC on the Line (Fight Prediction Show) Analyze and Predict Upcoming Fights?

Experts on UFC On The Line employ a meticulous analysis of fighters' techniques, styles, and past performances. They consider predictive factors such as fight stats, head-to-head matchups, and betting odds to provide insightful predictions, helping viewers make informed decisions.


In conclusion, the world of UFC offers a diverse range of shows and content that cater to the preferences of avid fight enthusiasts.

From the highly anticipated Pay-Per-View events to the behind-the-scenes glimpses provided by promotional content, there is something for everyone.

Whether it's witnessing top contenders battle it out in the octagon or getting a glimpse of up-and-coming fighters on Dana White's Contender Series, the UFC experience is filled with excitement and engagement.

So, dive into the world of UFC and enhance your understanding and appreciation of this thrilling sport.

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