What Is the UFC Apex? (Tickets, Features, Octagon Size)

Nestled in the heart of Las Vegas, the UFC Apex stands as a testament to the unrivaled excitement and unparalleled production quality of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

This cutting-edge facility, boasting a prime location and state-of-the-art recording equipment, has become a mecca for MMA enthusiasts seeking an up-close and personal experience.

With its smaller octagon size and dynamic seating area, the UFC Apex promises action-packed fights and an intimate atmosphere.

Join us as we delve into the world of the UFC Apex, exploring its features, ticket availability, and the unique octagon size that sets it apart.

Key Takeaways

  • The UFC Apex is the live event and production center for the UFC located in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • It features state-of-the-art recording equipment and facilities for efficient event production.
  • The UFC Apex octagon is smaller than the regular octagon, providing more action and fight finishes.
  • UFC events at the UFC Apex have been open to the public since July 2022, with a capacity of around 1500 and ticket prices ranging from $1,500 to $3,000.

Overview of the UFC Apex

The UFC Apex, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, serves as the promotion's live event and production center, offering state-of-the-art facilities for efficient event production.

Opened on June 18, 2019, the UFC Apex is strategically situated opposite the UFC Performance Institute and just 10 minutes from the strip. While primarily used for hosting UFC events, it can also be rented out for other purposes.

Notably, it is utilized for Dana White's Contender Series and recording scenes for The Ultimate Fighter. The UFC Apex boasts state-of-the-art recording equipment and facilities spread across its 130,000 square feet of space, including three main stages: Stage A, Stage B, and Stage C.

Additionally, it features specialized rooms for UFC cutmen, media conferences, and fighter amenities. The UFC Apex location has become synonymous with top-tier event production and execution, making it an integral part of the UFC's operations.

Features of the UFC Apex

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the UFC Apex offers a range of features that contribute to its reputation as a state-of-the-art live event and production center. The facility boasts state-of-the-art recording equipment and facilities that are essential for efficient event production.

With a total space of 130,000 square feet, the UFC Apex is divided into three main stages: Stage A, Stage B, and Stage C. These stages are equipped with control rooms, announcement booths, and replay rooms, ensuring seamless broadcasting.

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Additionally, the facility includes specialized rooms for UFC cutmen, media conferences, and fighter amenities. The UFC Apex's top-notch facilities and recording equipment enable the promotion to deliver high-quality live events and productions, making it a go-to venue for the UFC.

UFC Apex Octagon Size

The UFC Apex features a smaller octagon size of 25 feet in diameter, providing more action, fight finishes, and seating area. The decision to use a smaller octagon was made after five UFC events were canceled due to COVID-19.

Here are the advantages of a smaller octagon:

  • Increased action: With a smaller octagon, fighters have less space to move around, resulting in more frequent and intense exchanges. This leads to a higher likelihood of exciting and action-packed fights.
  • More fight finishes: The reduced space in the octagon limits the ability of fighters to evade their opponents, increasing the chances of knockout or submission finishes. This creates a more thrilling viewing experience for fans.
  • Enhanced seating area: The smaller octagon allows for more seating capacity, maximizing the number of fans that can attend live events at the UFC Apex. This provides a unique opportunity for spectators to be closer to the action and feel the energy of the fights.

UFC Apex Tickets

UFC Apex ticket availability can be inquired about by contacting the UFC via email.

Since July 2022, UFC events at the UFC Apex have been open to the public. However, due to the limited capacity of around 1500, only around 150 tickets are sold per event.

The ticket prices for UFC Apex events range from approximately $1,500 to $3,000.

It's important to note that ticket availability depends on the number of complimentary tickets given out by the UFC. Therefore, interested customers need to reach out to the UFC via email to inquire about ticket availability.

This process allows the UFC to manage the limited seating capacity and ensure a fair distribution of tickets to fans.

Mark Zuckerberg Renting the UFC Apex

Mark Zuckerberg rented out the UFC Apex for UFC Vegas 61, an event held on October 1, 2022. This unexpected move by the Facebook CEO sparked curiosity and speculation about the details of his rental agreement with the UFC. While the exact terms of the arrangement remain unknown, the impact of Zuckerberg's rental on event production at the UFC Apex cannot be ignored.

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Here are two key points to consider:

  1. Enhanced Privacy and Security:
  • With the UFC Apex being a private facility, Zuckerberg's rental ensured a high level of privacy and security for himself and his guests.
  • The absence of fans and media in the venue indicated that the event was specifically tailored to accommodate Zuckerberg's needs.
  1. Potential Disruption to Regular Operations:
  • Renting out the UFC Apex for a high-profile event like UFC Vegas 61 could have caused logistical challenges for the UFC.
  • The production team had to make adjustments to accommodate Zuckerberg's requirements, potentially affecting the usual flow of operations.


Considering the impact of Mark Zuckerberg's rental agreement at the UFC Apex, it is evident that the flexibility and adaptability of the venue were showcased. The presence of Zuckerberg and his wife at UFC Vegas 61, held at the UFC Apex, added a unique dimension to the event.

The absence of fans and media indicated that the venue was rented out exclusively for their use. This highlights the versatility of the UFC Apex, which can accommodate different types of events and cater to the needs of high-profile individuals like Zuckerberg.

Additionally, the smaller octagon size used in UFC fights at the Apex has had a significant impact on the fights themselves. The 25-foot diameter octagon provides a more intense and action-packed experience, leading to increased fight finishes and a more engaging viewing experience for fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Are UFC Events Held at the UFC Apex?

UFC events are held at the UFC Apex frequently, with scheduling conflicts taken into consideration. The exact frequency depends on various factors such as fight schedules, availability of the venue, and other logistical considerations.

Can the UFC Apex Be Rented Out for Non-UFC Events?

Rental options for non-UFC events at the UFC Apex are available. The state-of-the-art facility offers a variety of spaces, including stages, control rooms, and specialized rooms. Contact the UFC for inquiries about renting the venue.

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Are There Any Specific Rules or Regulations for Fighters Competing in the Smaller Octagon at the UFC Apex?

In order to compete in the smaller octagon at the UFC Apex, fighters must adhere to specific regulations set by the organization. These regulations ensure a fair and competitive environment while maximizing the potential for action and fight finishes.

What Is the Process for Obtaining Complimentary Tickets for UFC Events at the UFC Apex?

The process for obtaining complimentary tickets for UFC events at the UFC Apex involves contacting the UFC via email to inquire about availability. The number of complimentary tickets given out by the UFC determines ticket availability.

Are There Any Plans to Increase the Capacity of the UFC Apex in the Future?

There are currently no public plans to increase the capacity of the UFC Apex in the future. However, as the demand for live events grows, it is possible that the UFC may consider expanding the venue to accommodate more spectators.


In conclusion, the UFC Apex stands as a cutting-edge facility that has revolutionized the production and hosting of UFC events. With its state-of-the-art equipment, smaller octagon size, and proximity to the Las Vegas Strip, it offers a unique experience for fans and participants alike.

The opening of the facility to the public has provided enthusiasts with an up-close and personal opportunity to witness the excitement. The UFC Apex has truly cemented its place as the premier live event and production center for the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

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