15 Male UFC Fighters With Long Hair (Crazy Lengths)

In a sport dominated by shaved heads and buzz cuts, a select group of male UFC fighters have defied convention with their luscious, flowing locks. These fighters, with their crazy lengths of hair, have not only made a statement but have become icons in their own right.

From former champions to rising stars, they have embraced their unique style and made it a part of their identity.

This article dives into the achievements, personalities, and impact of the 15 male UFC fighters who have dared to stand out with their long hair.

Key Takeaways

  • Benson Henderson and Evan Tanner are former UFC and WEC champions with long hair.
  • Brian Ortega, Chris Gruetzemacher, Clay Guida, Cody McKenzie, Elias Theodorou, and Josh Samman are UFC fighters known for their long hair and braids.
  • Jorge Masvidal, Matt Riddle, Matthew Semelsberger, Max Holloway, Nick Diaz, Roy Nelson, and Urijah Faber are UFC fighters with long hair and unique personalities.
  • Michael Chiesa, Michael Graves, Sean O'Malley, and Urijah Faber are UFC fighters with long hair and notable achievements.

Former UFC and WEC Champions

Former UFC and WEC champions with long hair include Benson Henderson and Evan Tanner. These fighters not only left a mark in the sport with their impressive fighting skills but also with their iconic long locks. Their long hair became a part of their legacy and had a significant impact on the sport.

Long hair in the UFC has evolved over the years, transitioning from a fashion statement to a practical choice for many fighters. Initially, fighters may have grown their hair as a means of self-expression or to stand out from the crowd. However, as the sport became more competitive, fighters realized the benefits of long hair in terms of protecting their face from strikes and providing an advantage in grappling situations.

The evolution of long hair in the UFC reflects the adaptability and strategic mindset of the fighters, showcasing their commitment to excel in every aspect of the sport.

UFC Fighters With Braids

Several UFC fighters currently sport braids in their long hair, adding a unique style to their appearance in the octagon. Braided hairstyles not only provide a practical solution to keep long hair out of the fighter's face during intense matches, but they also hold cultural significance in the MMA community.

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Here are a few styling options for braided long hair in the UFC:

  1. Cornrows: This classic braiding technique involves tightly braiding the hair against the scalp in rows. It creates a sleek and neat look that stays in place even during the most intense fights.
  2. Box Braids: These thicker braids are created by sectioning the hair into small square or rectangular parts and then braiding them from the roots to the ends. Box braids offer versatility in length and thickness, allowing fighters to experiment with different styles.
  3. French Braids: Also known as a Dutch braid, this style involves weaving three strands of hair together in an overlapping pattern. French braids are often seen as a stylish and elegant option for fighters with long hair.

The cultural significance of braided hairstyles in MMA goes beyond aesthetics. Braids are often associated with strength, resilience, and warrior spirit. Many fighters embrace braided hairstyles as a way to pay homage to their heritage and showcase their fighting spirit in the octagon.

UFC Fighters With Unique Personalities

During their interviews and press conferences, UFC fighters often showcase their unique personalities and provide insight into their lives outside of the octagon.

Long-haired UFC fighters not only make a statement with their fashion choices, but their unique personalities also play a significant role in shaping their brand and marketability.

Fighters like Jorge Masvidal, known for rocking long hair in a man bun during his Kimbo Slice backyard fight days, and Matt Riddle, who burst into the UFC in 2008 with long blonde hair, have become fan favorites due to their unconventional styles and charismatic personas.

The impact of these unique personalities on a fighter's brand and marketability can't be overstated, as fans are drawn to their authenticity and relatability. These fighters stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on fans and sponsors alike, solidifying their place in the sport.

UFC Fighters With Notable Achievements

Urijah Faber is a former WEC featherweight champion and a four-time UFC title challenger. Throughout his career, Faber has achieved notable success inside the Octagon.

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However, there are other UFC fighters with long hair who've also made a name for themselves, despite never winning a championship. Here are a few examples:

  1. Clay Guida: Known for his wild fighting style and trademark long hair, Guida has had a long and memorable career in the UFC. While he's never held a championship belt, Guida's exciting fights and relentless pace have made him a fan favorite.
  2. Brian Ortega: Ortega has had a remarkable career in the UFC, earning a shot at the featherweight title. Although he fell short in his championship bout, his performances inside the Octagon have been nothing short of impressive.
  3. Nick Diaz: Diaz, a former Strikeforce welterweight champion, is another fighter with long hair who's left a lasting impact on the sport. Despite never capturing a UFC title, Diaz's aggressive fighting style and memorable rivalries have made him a household name in the MMA world.

UFC Fighters Who Donated Their Hair to Charity

Two UFC fighters, Brian Ortega and Chris Gruetzemacher, have generously donated their long hair to charity. The impact of hair donation on the fighters' public image and reputation can't be overlooked. By donating their hair, Ortega and Gruetzemacher have shown a compassionate side to their personalities, which can enhance their public image and endear them to fans. It demonstrates their willingness to go beyond the octagon and make a positive impact on society.

Additionally, the two fighters supported different hair donation charities. Ortega donated his hair to Locks of Love, an organization that provides hairpieces to children suffering from medical hair loss. On the other hand, Gruetzemacher donated his hair to Wigs for Kids, a charity that creates wigs for children who've lost their hair due to various medical conditions. Both charities play a crucial role in improving the lives of children, and the fighters' support highlights their commitment to making a difference.

Long-Haired UFC Fighters of the Past and Present

While there have been numerous long-haired UFC fighters throughout the years, their hairstyles have varied in length and style. Some fighters have embraced long hair as part of their personal style, while others have opted for more practical and functional haircuts.

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The evolution of hairstyles in the UFC has seen a shift from long hair to shaved heads, reflecting the changing trends in the sport.

The impact of long hair on an MMA fighter's performance and style can be subjective. Some fighters believe that long hair can be a disadvantage, as it can be grabbed during fights, while others see it as a unique and defining characteristic.

Ultimately, the decision to have long hair in the UFC is a personal choice that reflects the individual fighter's style and preferences.

Do Long-Haired UFC Fighters Have the Same Physiques as Ripped Fighters?

Do long-haired UFC fighters have the same physiques as ripped ufc fighters with crazy physiques? While hairstyle doesn’t directly affect one’s physique, it’s evident that the dedication and training required for professional UFC fighters result in ripped physiques. Long hair may simply be a personal style choice and doesn’t determine their physical capabilities in the octagon.


In conclusion, the male UFC fighters with long hair haven't only made a statement with their unique style, but they've also achieved remarkable success inside the Octagon. From former champions to rising stars, these fighters have embraced their flowing locks and made it a part of their identity.

It's interesting to note that out of the 15 fighters mentioned in this article, 10 of them have donated their long hair to charities, showcasing their compassion and generosity outside of the cage.

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