11 Hottest Female ONE Championship Fighters of All Time

In the world of ONE Championship, there exists a group of extraordinary female fighters who have captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on the sport. With skill, determination, and an unwavering passion for martial arts, these athletes have shattered gender barriers and excelled in combat sports.

Among them are rising stars like Aleksandra Savicheva, unstoppable champions like Angela Lee, and promising talents like Alma Juniku. In this article, we will explore the remarkable journeys and achievements of the 11 hottest female fighters in ONE Championship, showcasing their exceptional skills and dedication to mastery.

Key Takeaways

  • Angela Lee Unstoppable is the current ONE Championship atomweight champion and has defended her title five times. She comes from a family of martial artists and claimed the title at the age of 19.
  • Allycia Hellen Rodrigues is the current ONE Championship atomweight Muay Thai champion. She started as a Muay Thai champion in Brazil and defeated Stamp Fairtex in 2020. She is set to return to the ring in 2024.
  • Itsuki Hirata Android 18 is a rising star in MMA. She started training in judo at a young age and has had success in both judo and MMA competitions. She won a prefectural judo championship in high school and emerged as the champion of Fighting Agent War Season 3.
  • Rika Ishige is the first Thai female MMA fighter. She made her professional debut in 2017 for ONE Championship and has a record of 4-5. Despite recent losses, she has been an inspiration for many as she started her martial arts journey at the age of 13 due to bullying.

Aleksandra Savicheva: Rising MMA Star

Aleksandra Savicheva, a rising MMA star, has quickly made a name for herself in the ONE Championship with her impressive skills and frequent victories. With a transition from kudo to MMA, Savicheva has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of mixed martial arts. Her background as a black belt and world champion in kudo has undoubtedly had a significant impact on her success in MMA.

Savicheva's transition from kudo to MMA has allowed her to showcase her diverse skill set and adaptability in the cage. Her striking abilities, honed through years of training in kudo, have translated seamlessly into her MMA career, allowing her to deliver devastating blows to her opponents. Additionally, her background in kudo has given her a solid foundation in grappling and submission techniques, making her a well-rounded fighter capable of dominating in all aspects of the game.

As Savicheva continues to climb the ranks in the ONE Championship, it is clear that she is a future title contender. With her impressive skills and relentless work ethic, there is no doubt that she has the potential to become one of the most dominant fighters in the promotion.

MMA fans can expect to see great things from Aleksandra Savicheva in the future as she continues to make her mark in the world of mixed martial arts.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues: Atomweight Muay Thai Champion

Continuing the discussion from the previous subtopic on Aleksandra Savicheva, it is worth mentioning that Allycia Hellen Rodrigues has also established herself as a prominent figure in the ONE Championship as the current atomweight Muay Thai champion. Rodrigues, who hails from Brazil, captured the title in 2020 by defeating Stamp Fairtex in a thrilling bout. Since then, she has successfully defended her championship title and showcased her impeccable skills in the ring. As the reigning champion, Rodrigues is expected to face tough challenges from top contenders in her division. Fans eagerly anticipate potential matchups against formidable opponents such as Stamp Fairtex and Janet Todd. With her determination and expertise, Rodrigues continues to captivate audiences and solidify her status as one of the hottest female fighters in ONE Championship.

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues
Defending her Muay Thai championship title.
Potential matchups against top contenders in her division.

Alma Juniku: Young and Promising Muay Thai Fighter

Alma Juniku, a young and promising Muay Thai fighter, has emerged as a formidable force in the ONE Championship. Building on the momentum established by Allycia Hellen Rodrigues, Juniku's journey started at the age of 8. She quickly rose through the ranks, winning various youth championships in Australia and earning titles such as the WMC, WBC, and IPCC Australian Muay Thai titles.

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Now at the age of 22, Juniku has already faced tough opponents like Stamp Fairtex and Janet Todd, showcasing her skills and determination in the ring. Known for her exceptional Muay Thai techniques, Juniku's precision and power make her a force to be reckoned with.

As she continues to develop and grow, Juniku is certainly one to watch in the ONE Championship.

Angela Lee Unstoppable: Dominant Atomweight Champion

Angela Lee Unstoppable has established herself as a dominant force in the ONE Championship as the reigning atomweight champion. With her impressive skills and relentless determination, she has proven time and again why she is considered one of the best in her weight class.

Here are three reasons why Angela Lee is truly unstoppable:

  1. Unmatched skill set:
  • Lee possesses a well-rounded skill set, excelling in striking, grappling, and submissions.
  • Her technical prowess, coupled with her agility and speed, allows her to outmaneuver and outclass her opponents.
  • She constantly evolves and improves her techniques, making her a formidable opponent for anyone in the division.
  1. Champion mentality:
  • Lee's unwavering self-belief and mental fortitude make her a true champion.
  • She approaches every fight with utmost focus and determination, never underestimating her opponents.
  • Her ability to stay composed under pressure and adapt to any situation sets her apart from her peers.
  1. Legacy in the making:
  • At just 24 years old, Lee has already achieved remarkable success in her career.
  • With five successful title defenses, she has solidified her status as the dominant atomweight champion.
  • Her achievements at such a young age indicate a promising future and the potential to become one of the greatest fighters in ONE Championship history.

While Angela Lee reigns supreme as the dominant atomweight champion, Aleksandra Savicheva emerges as a rising MMA star, ready to challenge the champion and make a name for herself in the ONE Championship.

Bi Nguyen Killer Bee: Determined MMA Fighter

Bi Nguyen Killer Bee, a determined MMA fighter, brings her relentless drive and skill to the ONE Championship stage, adding to the league's roster of impressive female fighters.

Born in Vietnam and moving to America at the age of six, Nguyen started her martial arts journey at 21 and joined ONE Championship in 2019. Currently training at Xtreme Couture and Heritage Muay Thai, she aspires to become a ONE Championship flyweight champion.

Nguyen's journey in MMA has been marked by her ability to overcome challenges in the octagon. With each fight, she has faced adversity head-on and emerged stronger, showcasing her resilience and determination.

Nguyen's presence in the ONE Championship arena is a testament to her passion for the sport and her unwavering commitment to achieving her goals.

Danielle Kelly: Elite Submission Grappler

Continuing the discussion of impressive female fighters in the ONE Championship arena, one standout athlete is Danielle Kelly, an elite submission grappler known for her exceptional skills and success in the octagon.

Kelly's fighting style is heavily influenced by her black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which has enabled her to master top submission techniques and grappling strategies. Her ability to seamlessly transition from striking to ground fighting has proven to be a formidable weapon in her arsenal.

With a record of 2 wins and 1 draw in ONE Championship, Kelly has defeated notable opponents such as Roxanne Modaferrei, Ayaka Miura, and Carla Esparza.

Training at Silver Fox BJJ and Evolve MMA, Kelly continues to refine her technique and showcase the impact of Brazilian jiu-jitsu in her fighting style.

Ekaterina Vandaryeva Barbie: Three-Time Muay Thai World Champion

Ekaterina Vandaryeva Barbie, a three-time Muay Thai World Champion, brings an impressive track record and a distinctive fighting style to the ONE Championship arena. With her nickname Barbie, she captures attention not only for her fighting skills but also for her striking appearance. Hailing from Belarus, Vandaryeva Barbie joined ONE Championship at a young age, eager to make her mark on the sport. However, she has faced struggles in the promotion, experiencing three losses. Despite these setbacks, Vandaryeva Barbie remains determined and resilient. Her future prospects in Muay Thai are promising as she continues to train at Kick Fighter Gym in Minsk, Belarus. Her journey and ability to overcome adversity inspire young fighters around the world.

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Ekaterina Vandaryeva Barbie
Struggles in ONE Championship
Future prospects in Muay Thai

Itsuki Hirata Android 18: Judo Champion Turned MMA Fighter

Itsuki Hirata Android 18, a former judo champion, seamlessly transitioned into the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and has become a formidable force in ONE Championship. Her evolution from judo to MMA has been nothing short of impressive. Here are three key aspects that highlight the growth and development of Itsuki Hirata:

  1. Dominant Judo Background:
  • Started training in judo at the age of 6.
  • Won a prefectural judo championship in high school.
  • Showcased her judo skills by winning the Fighting Agent War Season 3.
  1. Seamless Transition to MMA:
  • Signed with ONE Championship in 2019.
  • Trains at renowned gyms like Krazy Bee and Serra-Longo Fight Team.
  • Demonstrated exceptional grappling and striking abilities in her fights.
  1. Rising Star in ONE Championship:
  • Currently holds an undefeated MMA record.
  • Showcased her skills against tough opponents and emerged victorious.
  • Continues to evolve as a fighter, constantly improving her techniques and strategies.

Itsuki Hirata Android 18: From Judo Champion to MMA Fighter is a testament to her dedication, skill, and determination to succeed in the world of MMA. Her journey and evolution serve as an inspiration for aspiring fighters in the sport.

Jessa Khan: Gold Medalist Submission Grappler

Jessa Khan, a gold medalist submission grappler, is a standout fighter in the world of ONE Championship. With her impressive skills and achievements, she is considered a future title contender in the organization.

Khan's journey in the martial arts world began at the age of 12 when she started practicing jiu-jitsu. In just eight years, she earned her Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, showcasing her dedication and talent. In 2018, she claimed the gold medal at the Asian Games in jiu-jitsu, solidifying her status as a top grappler.

Khan's grappling prowess makes her a formidable opponent in the cage, especially in grappling vs striking matchups. Her technical expertise and ability to control her opponents on the ground make her a force to be reckoned with.

As Khan continues to develop and refine her skills, she is poised to make a significant impact in the world of ONE Championship.

Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl: Rising Star in Muay Thai

Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl has quickly emerged as a rising star in the world of Muay Thai within ONE Championship. Her rise in the sport has been nothing short of remarkable, with a string of impressive victories that have solidified her reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Let's take a closer look at the key factors behind Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl's success:

  • The rise of Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl in Muay Thai: A force to be reckoned with.
  • Wonder Academy training: Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl hones her skills at Wonder Academy, a renowned institution that has produced many top-level fighters.
  • Powerful strikes: Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl is known for her devastating strikes, utilizing her speed, precision, and power to overwhelm her opponents.
  • Highly anticipated fights in ONE Championship: Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl's impressive performances have caught the attention of fans, making her fights eagerly anticipated events in the world of Muay Thai.

Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl's impressive win streak is a testament to her fighting style and technique. With each victory, she showcases her mastery of Muay Thai, employing a combination of technical prowess, strategic thinking, and relentless aggression. Her ability to adapt to different opponents and capitalize on their weaknesses has been a key factor in her success.

As Nat Jaroonsak Wondergirl continues to climb the ranks in ONE Championship, it is clear that she is a rising star who has the potential to dominate the sport for years to come.

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Rika Ishige: Thailand's First Female MMA Fighter

Rika Ishige's groundbreaking career as Thailand's first female MMA fighter has made a significant impact on the world of mixed martial arts within ONE Championship.

Despite facing adversity, Ishige has become an influential pioneer in the sport. Starting her martial arts journey at the age of 13 due to bullying, she has shown incredible resilience and determination.

Ishige made her professional debut for ONE Championship in 2017 and holds a record of 4-5. While she has recently experienced a string of losses in her last three fights, her contributions to the sport cannot be overlooked.

Ishige's presence in the octagon has paved the way for other aspiring female fighters in Thailand, inspiring a new generation of talent. Her story serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and the ability to overcome challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Aleksandra Savicheva's Background in Martial Arts Before Transitioning to Mma?

Aleksandra Savicheva, before transitioning to MMA, had a background in kudo where she held the black belt and was a world champion. This martial arts experience has likely influenced her fighting style in MMA, showcasing her skills and versatility in the ring. As of now, her current record in MMA stands at 3-0.

How Many Times Has Allycia Hellen Rodrigues Defended Her ONE Championship Atomweight Muay Thai Title?

Allycia Hellen Rodrigues, the current ONE Championship atomweight Muay Thai champion, has an impressive win streak. Her dominance in the division sets her apart from other atomweight fighters in ONE Championship.

What Are Some Notable Achievements of Alma Juniku in Her Muay Thai Career?

Alma Juniku's notable achievements in her muay thai career include winning the WBC Muay Thai World Championship and the IFMA World Muay Thai Championships. These victories highlight her skill and dominance in the sport.

How Did Angela Lee Become the ONE Championship Atomweight Champion at Such a Young Age?

Angela Lee's meteoric rise to becoming the ONE Championship atomweight champion at a young age can be attributed to her relentless training regimen, unwavering dedication, and the influence of her martial arts-rooted family background.

What Are Some Key Highlights of Rika Ishige's Martial Arts Journey and Her Recent Fights in ONE Championship?

Rika Ishige's martial arts journey has been marked by her rise in popularity and her unique fighting style. Her recent fights in ONE Championship have showcased her tenacity and resilience, although she has faced some losses.


In conclusion, the world of ONE Championship is home to some of the most talented and inspiring female fighters in combat sports. These athletes have overcome limitations and shattered stereotypes, showcasing their exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to their respective disciplines.

From rising stars like Aleksandra Savicheva and Itsuki Hirata to dominant champions like Angela Lee and Allycia Hellen Rodrigues, these women have left an indelible mark on the sport. Their journeys and achievements serve as a testament to the power of determination and passion in achieving greatness.

As the saying goes, they have truly fought tooth and nail to reach the top.

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