What Is the Dagestani Handcuff Used by Khabib in the UFC?

dagestani handcuff khabib s ufc weapon
The Dagestani Handcuff, likened to a vice grip on an opponent's offensive options, has become a formidable wrestling technique in ...
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James Krause: MMA Coach Profile (Gym, Methods, Scandals)

james krause mma coaching insights
James Krause, a former MMA and UFC welterweight fighter, has become a sought-after coach in the world of mixed martial ...
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15 Best UFC Trash Talkers Of All Time Ranked (2024)

ranking ufc s top trash talkers
In the world of mixed martial arts (MMA), there are fighters who possess a unique skill beyond their physical abilities ...
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What’s the Prime Age for UFC Fighters? (UFC Prime Age)

optimal age for ufc fighters
In the ever-evolving world of UFC, fighters are the architects of their own destiny, sculpting their bodies and honing their ...
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What Age Do UFC Fighters Retire? (Oldest UFC Champions Incl.)

retirement age for ufc fighters
When it comes to the world of UFC, retirement is an inevitable question that looms over every fighter. The octagon ...
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Who Has the Most Fights in UFC History (By Weight Class Incl.)

ufc s most prolific fighter
While skill and technique are often celebrated in mixed martial arts, the number of fights a fighter has endured serves ...
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List of Every UFC Fighter Arrested (Surprising Amount)

ufc fighter arrests shocking numbers
In the world of mixed martial arts, where physical prowess and competitive spirit reign supreme, a surprising statistic remains hidden ...
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15 Best Black UFC Fighters (Of All Time)

top african american ufc fighters
In the world of mixed martial arts, a group of gifted and groundbreaking black fighters has emerged, leaving an indelible ...
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Are There Any Gay UFC Fighters? (Gay MMA Fighters Also)

exploring lgbtq representation in ufc and mma
In the world of mixed martial arts, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is renowned for its talented athletes. While the ...
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11 Best Australian UFC Fighters (New Zealanders Included)

top australian and new zealand ufc fighters
In the world of mixed martial arts, Australia and New Zealand have produced some of the most talented fighters to ...
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