15 Most Bloody UFC Fights (2022 Updated Pictures)

In the realm of mixed martial arts, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has been the stage for countless fierce clashes that have left an indelible mark on both fans and fighters. Among these battles are those that have become legendary for the sheer volume of blood spilled within the octagon.

These fights, characterized by the unwavering determination and unyielding spirit of the contenders, stand as testaments to the physical and mental resilience required to compete at the highest echelons of the sport. In this article, we will explore the most bloody UFC fights to date, featuring updated pictures that vividly portray the raw intensity and relentless fortitude exhibited by these athletes.

Key Takeaways

  • Many of the listed fights resulted in significant cuts and bloodshed, with several fights being stopped due to doctor intervention or for cut cleaning.
  • Some fighters were able to continue despite heavy bleeding, showcasing their toughness and determination.
  • The bloodiness of these fights added to the excitement and intensity for both the fighters and the spectators.
  • The fighters who were able to control the fight through dominant performances, such as takedowns and ground-and-pound, often ended up victorious despite the blood loss.

Goulet Vs Hieron (Ufc FN:2 October 3, 2005)

Surprisingly, the Goulet vs Hieron fight at UFC FN:2 on October 3, 2005, resulted in a relatively bloodless encounter. Despite the intensity and physicality of the fight, there were no significant cuts or injuries that led to excessive bleeding. This raises an interesting discussion about the impact of doctor stoppages on the outcome of UFC fights.

In cases where a fighter sustains a severe cut or injury, the doctor may step in and stop the fight to ensure the safety of the competitors. In the absence of blood, the fight atmosphere may lack the visually dramatic and intense element that blood brings. Blood has long been associated with the brutality and rawness of combat sports, heightening the excitement and adding an element of danger.

However, a bloodless fight like Goulet vs Hieron showcases that skill, technique, and strategy can prevail without the presence of blood.

Dewees Vs Ray (Tuf:4 May 30, 2006)

The Dewees vs Ray fight during TUF:4 on May 30, 2006 showcased a notable display of resilience and determination from both fighters. Edwin DeWees and Gideon Ray pushed themselves to the limit, leaving a lasting impression on fans as one of the most memorable moments in bloody UFC fights. DeWees suffered a deep cut to his hairline from a devastating elbow strike by Ray. Throughout the fight, DeWees valiantly covered the cut with his hand, forcing Herb Dean to stop the fight multiple times for cut cleaning. Despite the bloodshed, DeWees managed to secure the victory in the third round with his dominant top control. The fight ended in a unanimous decision, cementing its place in UFC history as a brutal and hard-fought battle.

Fighters Event Date
Edwin DeWees TUF:4 May 30, 2006
Gideon Ray TUF:4 May 30, 2006

Madsen Vs Wagner (Tuf:10 June 5, 2006)

Madsen and Wagner engaged in a fierce battle during TUF:10 on June 5, 2006, leaving a trail of blood and showcasing their unwavering determination. The fight between these two warriors was nothing short of brutal, with both fighters pushing their physical limits and enduring significant blood loss.

The impact of blood loss on fighter performance cannot be underestimated, as it can lead to a decrease in stamina, clarity of mind, and overall physical capabilities. In this fight, the controversial doctor stoppages in MMA became a topic of discussion.

The referee and doctors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the fighters, but their decisions can sometimes be met with controversy. The stoppages can potentially rob the fighters of the opportunity to continue the fight and showcase their resilience.

Stevenson Vs Edwards (Ufc 61 July 8, 2006)

During the intense matchup between Joe Stevenson and Yves Edwards at UFC 61 on July 8, 2006, blood flowed profusely as both fighters battled relentlessly in the Octagon. This fight would become known for 'The Cut That Wouldn't Stop Bleeding' and was truly a battle of grit and blood.

From the beginning, it was clear that Stevenson and Edwards were not holding back, and the result was a fight filled with brutal exchanges and devastating strikes. As the fight progressed, Edwards suffered a deep cut that continued to bleed heavily, showcasing the incredible resilience and determination of both fighters.

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Ultimately, the fight was stopped via doctor stoppage, with Stevenson emerging as the victor by TKO. Stevenson vs Edwards at UFC 61 will always be remembered as one of the bloodiest UFC fights in history.

Singer Vs Haynes (Ufc FN:6.5 October 10, 2006)

Although Singer Vs Haynes at UFC FN:6.5 on October 10, 2006, may not be as widely known as some other bloody UFC fights, it remains a memorable and brutal battle between two fighters. The fight showcased the sheer intensity and resilience of both fighters, leaving a lasting impression on those who witnessed it.

Here are two aspects of the fight that evoke an emotional response:

  • Struve's blood loss:
  • Struve's forehead was cut open by a vicious elbow, causing blood to pour down his face.
  • The sight of Struve's blood covering his body and the canvas was a shocking and visceral image.
  • Guida's vision:
  • As the fight progressed, Guida's vision became impaired due to the blood that was flowing into his eyes.
  • The determination and courage displayed by Guida, despite his compromised vision, added another layer of intensity to the fight.

Sherk Vs Florian (Ufc 64 October 14, 2006)

Despite the relentless onslaught of blood that stained the Octagon, the UFC 64 matchup between Sean Sherk and Kenny Florian on October 14, 2006, will forever be remembered as a gruesome battle of determination and skill.

The impact of blood loss on fighter performance cannot be understated in this fight. As the blood poured from their wounds, both Sherk and Florian were forced to contend with impaired vision and compromised agility. The slippery canvas added another layer of difficulty as they struggled to maintain their footing.

Referee and doctor intervention played a crucial role in this bloody fight. Multiple times throughout the bout, the fight was paused to allow for the cleaning of blood from the fighters' eyes. Without these interventions, the fight may have been even more chaotic and dangerous. The referee and doctor's decisions ensured the safety of the fighters while allowing them to continue their battle.

Couture Vs Gonzaga (Ufc 74 August 25, 2007)

The Couture vs Gonzaga fight at UFC 74 on August 25, 2007, showcased a relentless display of ground-and-pound, resulting in a pool of blood and a broken nose for Gonzaga. This fight was one of the most memorable and bloodiest in UFC history, leaving a lasting impact on both fighters and the audience.

Here are two key aspects of the fight that evoke an emotional response:

  • Couture's dominance: Throughout the fight, Couture showcased his superior wrestling and clinch work, overpowering Gonzaga and controlling the fight. His relentless ground-and-pound attacks left Gonzaga defenseless and unable to mount any significant offense.
  • Gonzaga's tenacity: Despite the brutal punishment he endured, Gonzaga showed incredible toughness and heart, refusing to quit. The sight of his blood-soaked face and his broken nose was a testament to his resilience and determination to keep fighting.

The Couture vs Gonzaga fight remains a vivid example of the brutality and intensity that can be found in the UFC, solidifying its place among the most bloody fights in the promotion's history.

Sobral Vs Heath (Ufc 74 August 25, 2007)

Sobral unleashes a torrent of nasty elbows, slicing open Heath, in the intense UFC 74 fight on August 25, 2007. This brutal display of violence left both fighters covered in blood, creating a shocking scene inside the Octagon. However, it was Sobral's actions after the fight that generated even more controversy. After applying an anaconda choke and forcing Heath to tap, Sobral held onto the choke, putting Heath to sleep. This blatant disregard for his opponent's safety and the rules of the sport tarnished Sobral's career and reputation. He was subsequently released from the UFC and had his win bonus withheld. The incident sparked a widespread discussion about sportsmanship and the need for stricter penalties for unsportsmanlike conduct in mixed martial arts. The controversy surrounding the holding of the choke after the tap still lingers in the minds of fight fans to this day.

Discussion Ideas:
1. Impact of Sobral's actions on his career and reputation The incident had a significant impact on Sobral's career and reputation.
2. Controversy surrounding the holding of the choke after the tap The controversy surrounding Sobral's actions after the tap is still a topic of discussion in the MMA community.
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Penn Vs Stevenson (Ufc 80 January 19, 2008)

Penn and Stevenson engaged in a brutal battle at UFC 80 on January 19, 2008, leaving both fighters drenched in blood. It was a fight that showcased the intensity and violence that MMA is known for.

The impact of bloody fights on fighter safety and long-term health cannot be understated. The visual spectacle of bloodied faces and bodies might captivate fans, but it also raises concerns about the physical well-being of the fighters involved.

The evolution of cut management in the UFC has been a crucial development in ensuring fighter safety. Techniques such as better corner advice, improved medical protocols, and the introduction of cutmen have all contributed to minimizing the risks associated with severe cuts.

However, the Penn vs Stevenson fight serves as a reminder that even with advancements in cut management, the dangers and tolls of a bloody battle cannot be completely eliminated.

Struve Vs Stojnic (Ufc 99 June 13, 2009)

During the intense matchup between Stefan Struve and Denis Stojnic at UFC 99 on June 13, 2009, a significant amount of blood was shed as a result of Stojnic's powerful elbow strikes. This clash between the two heavyweights quickly turned into a bloodbath battle, with both fighters displaying their tenacity and determination.

Stojnic's devastating elbows opened a deep cut on Struve's forehead, causing the fight to be momentarily halted for the medical team to control the bleeding. However, despite the visible weakness from the blood loss, Struve showcased his resilience and refused to back down. He managed to secure the body triangle and relentlessly pursued the rear-naked choke, ultimately emerging as the victor in this brutal encounter.

Struve's ability to overcome the adversity of the bloodshed demonstrated his unwavering fighting spirit.

Koscheck Vs Lytle (Ufc 86, July 5, 2008)

The second round of the Koscheck Vs Lytle fight at UFC 86 on July 5, 2008, proved to be a bloody and intense battle. Both fighters showed incredible grit and determination as they exchanged strikes and fought for dominance.

The round was marked by the relentless aggression of Koscheck, who landed aggressive elbows from half guard, causing Lytle to bleed profusely. The impact of the blood on the fight outcome cannot be underestimated. The sight of blood splattering on the canvas and the close-up camera lens added to the visceral nature of the bout, evoking a mix of shock, excitement, and concern from the audience.

Despite the bloodshed, Koscheck emerged victorious, winning the fight via unanimous decision. This round will go down in history as one of the bloodiest in UFC.

Miller Vs Danzig (Ufc 100, July 11, 2009)

In one of the most gruesome battles in UFC history, Jim Miller and Mac Danzig engaged in a relentlessly bloody showdown at UFC 100 on July 11, 2009. The fight between Miller and Danzig showcased the true brutality of mixed martial arts, with both fighters sustaining significant cuts and gushing blood throughout the match. Miller, known for his aggressive fighting style, cut open Danzig's forehead early in the bout with a hard left elbow. He then targeted the left side of Danzig's face, worsening the cut and causing blood to pour profusely. Despite the bloodbath in the Octagon, Miller dominated the fight, pummeling Danzig on the ground for multiple rounds. The canvas was left covered in blood, a testament to the intensity of the battle. Miller ultimately emerged victorious, winning via unanimous decision.

To understand the impact of blood on fighter performance, let's take a closer look at the statistics of the Miller vs Danzig fight:

Fight Statistics Jim Miller Mac Danzig
Strikes Landed 126 48
Strikes Attempted 258 139
Significant Strikes Landed 96 42
Significant Strikes Attempted 211 106
Takedowns 3 0
Submission Attempts 1 0
Control Time 11:29 0:15

As the statistics show, Miller was the more aggressive fighter, landing significantly more strikes and attempting more takedowns. Despite the blood pouring from both fighters, Miller maintained control throughout the fight, spending over 11 minutes in control position. It is evident that the blood did not hinder Miller's performance, as he was able to dominate Danzig in every aspect of the fight. This fight serves as a reminder of the resilience and determination of UFC fighters, who continue to fight through the bloodiest battles to achieve victory.

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Florian Vs Guida (Ufc 107, December 12, 2009)

Florian Vs Guida at UFC 107 on December 12, 2009, showcased an intense battle between the two fighters. The fight not only displayed their technical skills and determination but also highlighted the impact of blood loss on fighter performance and the importance of cut management in UFC fights.

  • Impact of blood loss on fighter performance:
  • Guida's cut in the hairline caused blood to flow into his eyes, impairing his vision and potentially affecting his ability to defend himself.
  • Florian, on the other hand, remained composed despite the sight of blood, demonstrating mental strength and focus.
  • Importance of cut management in UFC fights:
  • The fight was momentarily stopped for the physician to check Guida's cut, emphasizing the significance of managing cuts to ensure the safety of the fighters.
  • Florian's accurate striking targeted Guida's vulnerable cut, showing the strategic advantage of exploiting an opponent's injury.

Velasquez Vs Silva (Ufc 146, May 27, 2012)

Cain Velasquez restarted his win streak after losing the title in a bloody battle against Antonio Bigfoot Silva at UFC 146 on May 27, 2012. The fight between Velasquez and Silva showcased the brutal nature of mixed martial arts, with Velasquez's ground and pound causing significant damage to Silva's face. The impact of Velasquez's strikes resulted in a deep cut on Silva's forehead, which led to the fight being temporarily stopped for the doctor to assess the severity of the injury. The amount of blood loss in the Velasquez vs Silva fight was comparable to other bloody UFC fights, such as Jonathan Goulet vs Jay Hieron and Joe Stevenson vs Yves Edwards. However, the relentless ground and pound from Velasquez made his fight against Silva particularly gruesome and memorable.

Fighters Event Date
Cain Velasquez vs Antonio Bigfoot Silva UFC 146 May 27, 2012
Jonathan Goulet vs Jay Hieron UFC FN:2 October 3, 2005
Joe Stevenson vs Yves Edwards UFC 61 July 8, 2006

St-Pierre Vs Condit (Ufc 154, November 17, 2012)

Rarely do we witness a more intense and brutal display of mixed martial arts than in the St-Pierre vs Condit fight at UFC 154 on November 17, 2012.

This battle between two welterweight titans was a true bloodbath, leaving both fighters battered and bloody by the end of the five rounds.

The impact of the strikes was undeniable, with St-Pierre and Condit delivering devastating elbows and unleashing ground and pound techniques that left lasting marks on each other's faces.

The fight was a grueling war of attrition, with both fighters pushing their limits and displaying incredible heart and determination.

St-Pierre ultimately emerged victorious via unanimous decision, but the fight will forever be remembered as a testament to the brutal nature of mixed martial arts.


In conclusion, the world of mixed martial arts has witnessed some of the most brutal and bloodiest fights in the history of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. These battles, characterized by the relentless determination and unwavering spirit of the fighters, have left a lasting impression on fans and fighters alike.

The updated pictures showcased in this article serve as a visual testament to the physical and mental fortitude required to compete at the highest level in the sport. These fighters have truly left their mark on the octagon, forever etching their names in the annals of UFC history.

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